The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini

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It 's easy for an adult to look down on the acquaintances that are made during one 's childhood. Childhood values, friendship, and memories cannot be underestimated, which is usually occurred by the parents of the child. This is one of the greatest messages that Khaled Hosseini tells us throughout his most famous novel "The Kite Runner". In this novel, Khaled Hosseini shows us how bonds grow stronger and how it affects your life in the future from the scenes of when both Amir and Hassan are forced to go through adult problems, when Hassan helps Amir and his father 's bond grow, and how the master and servant relationship does not really affect their bond. First of all, both Amir and Hassan go through adult hardship 's in their life, …show more content…

Amir has come to take care of this child as a way to redeem himself for abandoning him. This proves that childhood friendship will reinforce itself in the future, after all the bad things that have happened to them that affected their relationship during childhood. Secondly, Hassan is always trying to help Amir fix his bond with his father. Amir and Baba 's relationship is not very good. Amir believes that this is caused by him killing his own mother from birth. However this is not the reason, the real reason is because Amir is a weakling, someone who cannot stick up for himself and fight, and his father does not like that since they are nothing alike that way. Hassan believes that if Amir wins this grand kite-fighting tournament, Amir 's father Baba will finally accept Amir as a true son of his and respect him. The reason values of childhood friendship is important in this scene is because Hassan has gotten Amir 's hopes up my promising that he will be loved by his father if he wins this, and Hassan will do anything to make him win. Later in this scene, after Amir wins the tournament, Hassan sets off to catch the winning kite as a trophy for Amir, unfortunately, Assef get in the way and rapes Hassan since he refused to give him the kite. This is also a reason childhood friendship is important in this scene, Hassan has sacrificed himself for Amir and Baba 's relationship to grow bigger. As said in

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