The Klux Klan And Kkk Klan

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There are many hate groups that operate within The United States. One of the oldest hate group is The Ku Klux Klan (KKK). In 1970 the Ku Klos Knights of the Ku Klux Klan was formed. There are several Klan’s throughout The United States. One in particular operates in Missouri. There are many Klan’s throughout The United States. Most of these groups operate in the south. There is also mission and message these groups try to convey. Although the KKK used to be known for their violence, the KKK KKK is knowing for condemning violence. The group now usually has little to no impact in the communities due to their shrinking numbers and prevention intervention social workers throughout the states have had on the group to mitigate their …show more content…

Duke attempted to achieve political power in the states and then at a national level (Southern Poverty Law Center, 2017). They also stride to keep all people for other races from gaining any type of power within The United States. The mission of the KKK KKK is to protect their past history and protect the future in their beliefs. They believe there is a war against their people; children cherished way of life and their principles. They believe they need to preserve their way of life. Since be reorganized the KKK KKK does not believe in hate despite what the group stands for. The group also claims that it neither endures nor condones violence of kind or form (Ku Klux Klan, 2016). The message the KKK KKK is trying to get across is non-Caucasian people are inferior in The United States to white people. That all other races have no place here. The United States is only home to white Christians. All members of the KKK KKK must be 100% white and Christian. They promote white power and it defends the white race from all other races in The United States. They also promote the Holy bible and believe in the literal truth of the bible. Many of their ceremony’s that is performed are based from the bible and Jesus. The KKK KKK is known for burning cross to send messages during ceremonies (Fisher, 2016). Usually the incidents this hate group is responsible for is usually non-violent. In 2014, a couple of days before Halloween

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