The Law Enforcement And The Judicial System

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Today’s society calls on law enforcement and the judicial system to punish people who have violated the law. Often times people commit crimes that carry jail or prison sentences. This requires governments at the federal, state, and local level to establish facilities to house these individuals. In 2013 the total number of adults in some phase of the correctional system was around seven million, whether it be jail, prison, or probation and parole (BJS, 2015). Being incarcerated is the punishment; being locked away, separated from loved ones, and removed from society is the price convicts pay for their crimes. They are sent to jail or prison not to be further punished, especially not in inhumane ways. While this institution is a necessary part of United States society, and people should pay their debts to society, inmates are human beings with constitutional rights to a safe, inhabitable living environment with access to at least the most basic medical care. There are two different kinds of Correctional facilities – public ones owned and operated by the government and private ones that are run by for-profit corporations with a responsibility to stock holders. Private prisons, while they may be necessary, need to be more closely monitored and regulated in the same ways that government prisons are, because when the main goal is centered on turning a profit, it is easy to forget about the health and safety of the human beings they control. The Private Prison Industry

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