The Law Enforcement Oath Of Honor

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As a police officer you put your life on the line every day, you need to be willing to take risks sometimes be put at a disadvantage to protect the lives, defend civil rights and liberties, and they undergo risks and tolerate such inconveniences on behalf of strangers on a daily basis. As a result, police work has become one of the most prideful and selfless occupations in society. Making a difference in the quality of life of others is an opportunity that policing provides, and few other lines of work can offer. The Law Enforcement Oath of Honor as stated by the International Association of Chiefs of Police goes: “On my honor, 
I will never betray my badge, 
my integrity, my character, 
or the public trust. 
I will always have
the courage to hold myself
and others accountable for our actions. 
I will always uphold the constitution, my community, and the agency I serve.” (IACP) Before any officer takes the Law Enforcement Oath of Honor, one of the most important aspects is that they have a clear understanding of what the oath truly means. The oath is a somber pledge an officer makes when they sincerely intend to do what is said. There are nine parts to this oath, but there are three that stand out to me personally, the first being honor. Honor means that one 's word is given as a guarantee to serve and protect to the best of their ability. The second, integrity, acting the same that you would act behind closed doors or in public life. The third, is public trust, which you

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