The Law Enforcement Of The United States Essay

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In today’s society it seems as if all the violence that is occurring is revolved around race. Negative law enforcement involvement has been one of the major controversial topics that our generation has been faced with. Race, violence and authority is a very well-known racial disparity that will take some time to be seen otherwise. After the incidents occur, what really shakes the nation is that there is no real accountability. No one wants to admit that an injustice occurred and a small altercation lead to a casualty. Leadership within the justice system often gets challenged with such scenario. Does one discipline and makes an example out of his law enforcement officer (LEO), or does one address the public so that there is no uproar on such final decision. Such decision can be a strain on a leader, such actions can cause a leader to question themselves. Issues within the law enforcement field will continue to be a cause for concern due to the daily interaction with the public that officers have each and every day. Major issues that escalate with the help of the media will certainly challenge a leaders skills. A leader will never please everyone involved in a dilemma. The manner that he/she handles the situation is what really distinguishes a good leader from a great leader. A leader’s involvement and corrective action is nationally shared with the public. Whether it may be through conferences and or civilian recordings, any and all leaders moves are closely watched. An

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