The Law and Psychology

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1.The acronym SIRR stands for suggestive questioning, social influence, reinforcement and removal from direct exposure. This is a way to interview children and allowing them comply with the interviewer in telling their story leaving a possible escape route for the child to tell a lie and still feel as though they had told the interviewer the truth. It is another way to retrieve information that is sensitive to a child and vital to an investigation.

2. There are many ways that improvement can be made in questioning of victims and eyewitnesses. The line of questioning should be slowed down so that the memory can accurately recall the stored information. The police can help set the stage to recreate original information to help the victims and eyewitnesses remember the environment. Questions should fit the witness or victim. The victim or witness should be the center of the interview not the other way around. Police should respect when an answer is incorrect and have some sensitivity. The final improvement that can be made is not to judge prematurely the victim or eyewitness.
3. One of the problems that a psychologist may face when testifying is the most people do not take into account that each case is unique and is not just another scorned woman so the psychologist may have to continue to stress that during testimony. Another barrier to overcome would be the learned helplessness concept and how women may not have control of their surroundings thus not leaving the abuser.

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