The Laws of the South, 1860s

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The beginning of a horrifying era, many would say. The disgusting nature of human cruelty, some today would not disagree with. Just because they are laws, are they correct? Separating humans from other humans because of skin tone may sound a bit ridiculous now, but from about the 1880s in to the 1960s segregation laws were enforced, leaving the colored men, women and even children away from and humiliated by the White man. The laws that were created forced colored or black people to eat in different places, drink from different water fountains, and even be incarcerated in different prisons. Enforcing the laws of African-Americans to be separated from any form of Caucasian person is usually referred to as the “Jim Crow” legislation, which…show more content…
Afterwards the bill was signed very quickly by the Republican governor or the state, which after the Radical regime was placed into office. The reason for having or making such a bill was that most of the white members considered it be a concession for the Black people for the pain that they had endured during a more serious statute that discriminated against them in 1875. So supposedly it was created to make a confused legal situation a little more clearly. As a part of this legislation some carriers had their doubts as to what policies the company itself should need to come up with. All of this became to grow part of everyday life, where men, women of black colored skin would be given the choice of whether to not ride on trains at all, or have to deal with paying for first class and yet having to sit in the worst conditions parts of the train or anything they rode on. “…I have traveled in this free country for twenty hours without anything to eat; not because I had no money to pay for it, but because I was colored. Other passengers of a lighter hue had breakfast, dinner and supper. In traveling we are thrown in “jim crow” cars, denied the privilege of buying a berth in the sleeping coach. This monster caste stands at the doors of the theatres and skating rinks, locks the doors of the pews in our fashionable churches, closes the mouths of some of the ministers in their pulpits which
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