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The Legality of Child Pornography

Child pornography is an ongoing issue as technology progresses in today’s world. Now there are ways to produce child pornography without actually using a real child. While there are acts and laws to protect the children, there are still many unsatisfied people on each side of the issue. There are people who believe the adult entertainment companies, who produce the child pornography; they believe that their First Amendment rights are being violated with current acts and laws against it. There are also people who think that the current laws are not strict enough and that they need to outlaw all types of child pornography. It is necessary for all sides of the issue to be considered and for the …show more content…

At this time, adult entertainment companies were finding ways to entertain their pedophilic users while still obeying the law. Software was created that could either alter the picture of an adult to make them appear as if they are under eighteen, or the software could create a child from the ingenuity of the computer (Goodwin, 2001).

In response to this act, adult entertainment companies sued, claiming the act was unconstitutional in violation of the First Amendment. They argued that they never actually used a child in any creation of images (Goodwin, 2001). As long as they didn’t harm children, they were allowed to post any images that they wanted. This angers many advocates against child pornography because it’s possible that the viewing of child pornography is the beginning of some child-rape and child molestation cases.

Another issue concerning child pornography is solicitation. While it is illegal to solicit child pornography, there is a way around it. With new technology, it is possible to maintain a level of anonymity. Anonymity provides a way to distribute child pornography without being found and arrested. There are arguments being made by law-enforcement agencies that they should be able to trace online activity for anyone they need to. They want to require anonymity sites to keep ISPs so that records are kept of the true identities of the users

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