The Level Of American Scholastic Achievement

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The level of American scholastic achievement has been outpaced by other nations, even with increased spending by state and federal agencies (Ryan). This is by no means a reflection on any particular group or to insinuate that parents are not doing the best for their children. There are many challenges that students and families face each and every day that have effects on a student’s achievement. A re-structuring of schools should be considered to better utilize the assets that are provided and to assist in establishing a more effective structure for students. Year-round schools can provide both of these benefits and should be implemented nationwide.
This implementation of year-round schools will not be easy; it will be a challenge for many families. The Journal of Urban Economics has concluded that year-round schools have a direct impact with the decreasing numbers of working mothers in a community (Anthony 1). This change in school structure has required an increased level of childcare required during the non-standard breaks throughout the school year, as opposed to a traditional school year. Anthony’s research has shown that over 30% of parents rely solely on the school for their primary means of childcare, during the day and from after school activities (2). The implementation of year-round schools is sporadic within most cities which creates conflicting schedules and a failure of school systems to establish reliable after school programs and school break

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