The Lies We Tell Ourselves Research Paper

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We should show and be proud of who we are because we only have one life to live and we shouldn’t waste it by hiding it behind a big wall of fake. I take part in my school's GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) club which was made by a fellow band member who found out that they were transgender. This particular person has been a role model for me because they didn’t hide who they were. He made that change for him, not anyone else. Even if his family didn’t like it, he still made that choice to be who he is. He surrounded himself with people who accepted him and is living the life he was dealt.

Another person who I think is a role model for me is my cousin Christine. She came out as a lesbian about five years ago. When she first told her parents about …show more content…

Sarah is an African american girl, who is a senior that transfers to an all white school with a group of other black kids. Linda is a white student at Jefferson High who gets partnered up with Sarah and her best friend Judy. She can never tell her parents that she partnered up with a black student because they are against African American students going to their all white school. So after class they met in the back of Judy’s job so no one finds about the partnership. As the weeks go on with the project, Linda keeps arguing with Sarah about why blacks shouldn’t go to an all white …show more content…

They say that God will punish you, but if he didn’t want us to feel those feelings, then why did he make some of us have them? He can make the biggest universes, the smallest atoms and human life, but he can’t make us have certain feelings toward each other? I think Sarah starts to see this when she kissed Linda for the second time. “How could God let something so wrong feel like this? Why is it alright for me to kiss Ennis, when that doesn’t feel like anything at all, but not Linda, when kissing Linda feels like this?” (333) Sarah learns that being in love with the same gender as her own isn’t a bad thing, it’s who she is. “This is who I am. And I like me this way. And I think God might like me this way, too,” (333). She decided to do something that made her happy, not other

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