The Life Of A Normal Life

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I was born in a normal world

A world without fantasy , magic or superpowers .

In that world I was born on a planet called Earth .

Live a normal life . Being born , grow up , go to school , work , marriage , and died peacefully .

That is what a normal people would expect . I'm different from them . Five years ago , when I was ten , I slept normally , and I would expect to remember nothing when I wake up .

It didn't happen .When I start to sleep , I somehow awake .Not from my sleep but something else . I was a baby . I had problems saying anything , cried a lot and couldn’t do my business . It was strange . I then experience the growth from a kid to an adult , it as if I grow older physically and mentally with that person . Every time I sleep , I always wake up , not in my room but in that person room . …show more content…

As I bleed to death , as soon as my last breath .

I was woken up by my mother . Even if I tried to tell her anything about that dream . She wouldn't believe me , and just call it children's stories . At first , I was surprised , but after experience some stranger's life again .I have figured it out

When I sleep . Instead of sleeping peacefully , I will take one random person position and experience their whole life .

Due to experiencing many lives , of kids my age , I seems to be more intellegence .

Now , 5 years after having that 'superpower' , I am now fifteen years old , and have experience more than enough lives . Experience death many times . Experience sorrows and happiness many times .

I was fed up with this power .

That all I could say about this damn power . I cannot do anything about it . The instance I died , is also the time I wake up . Even a little nap could be more than enough to live one whole life

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