The Life Of Dorothy Wordsworth And John Keats

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During the eighteenth century, a style of writing called romanticism that challenged societal norms began to emerge. It worked against the Age of Enlightenment and encouraged emotional, visual, and knowledge as the reservoir for influence. From this time six important authors surfaced: William Blake, William Wordsworth, Percy Shelley, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Byron, and John Keats. Included in this list should be Dorothy Wordsworth and Mary Wollstonecraft. The eighteenth century produce material that shattered the fundamental’s of society.
On Christmas day in 1771, Dorothy Wordsworth was born. When her mother passed away seven years later, young Dorothy was shuffled from one relative to another. Even though her brothers received an education and she didn’t, William willingly taught her to read and write. While Dorothy Wordsworth’s journals weren’t meant to see the eyes of the public, scholars published her writings. The passages are woven together with picturesque details and observations of nature with the love of her brother, William. The text challenges the notation that simplistic and common things are boring and not extraordinary. On January 31, 1798, Dorothy wrote, “When we left home the moon immensely large, the sky scattered over with clouds. These soon closed in, contracting the dimensions of the moon without concealing her. The sound of the pattering shower, and the gusts of wind, very grand. Left the wood when nothing remained of the storm but the driving wind,

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