The Life Of Frederick Douglass And Harriet Jacobs Essay

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The stories of Frederick Douglass and Harriet Jacobs, slaves in the United States, as well as Olaudah Equiano, who spent time as a slave in North America, attest to the deeply embedded tradition of slavery in North American society. Slavery grew and was maintained through the dehumanization of the slaves, which was carried out through negligence and psychological and physical abuse. This allowed slave owners to exercise complete control over their slaves, extending to the objectification and rape of female slaves. Although the economic benefits of slavery served as a large factor for the continuation of the institution, a larger factor was the integration of the institution of slavery into American society. The narratives detailed the shift of slave owners from viewing slavery as a necessary evil to a positive good and social normality. Slavery became so ingrained in American society that slave owners used any justification necessary in order to retain their slaves, leading to the dehumanization of slaves and beginning a vicious, oppressive cycle that would continue for years to come in American society and accounting for slavery’s durability. American slavery grew and expanded as a direct result of the dehumanization of slaves, which created a culture of abuse and fear, allowing one population to become subservient to another and accounting for the durability of slavery. In order to grow and retain the institution of slavery in North America, slave owners dehumanized

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