The Life You Save May Be Your Own Short Story

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Deceitful,dishonest, disloyal: these words describe the shady characters presented in “The Life You Save May Be Your Own,” by Flannery O’ Connor. In this short story, Shiftlet tries to con an old lady in order to obtain her automobile. By this , the man drives away from his salvation due to his selfishness and hypocritical personality. O'Connor master uses of dark humor reveals to the reader the truth that lays underneath the words of Shiftlet. The beautiful use of color blends with the dark sense of humor by foreshadowing the tragic events that in consequence happens when having a sinful personality. With the punchline at the end, the reader soon sees O’Connor message behind the rain clouds by deciphering the man actions in relation with the stormy weather. O'Connor warns what happens when we try to escape redemption by the use of color that represents every aspect of the story, the representation of symbols to reveal the personality of Shiftlet, and the dark humor that drives the story.

O’Connor utilizes color to surrounds every aspect of the short story by detailing what an object represents in relation to how we reach salvation. The beginning of the story starts out with Shiftlet coming to an desolate farm with an old lady and her daughter. Shiftlet arrives with “... a black town suit and a brown felt hat that was turned up in the front and down in the back and he carried a tin tool box by a handle.”(O’Connor 23) Not only is his black coat symbolizing death

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