Essay on The Life and Legend of Gautama Buddha and Springtime

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The life and legend of Gautama Buddha is a captivating one. Born an Indian Prince in the sixth century BCE near modern day Nepal, Siddhartha Gautama, as he was originally named, founded the belief of Buddhism. Much like spring time, Gautama Buddha was full of prospering life and energy. The biography Gautama Buddha: In Life and Legend by Betty Kelen provides insight into the life of the Buddha, and with these details, readers are able to make comparisons between he and springtime. Gautama Buddha and spring time are comparable in many aspects. During his quest for enlightenment, Buddha, “…made himself a cushion out of grass and sat down facing the east in the lotus position, the primary yoga position of meditation” (Kelen 70). He vowed …show more content…

Buddha was born during springtime and legend says, “from the roots to the tips of the branches the grove was one mass of flowers, and from the midst of the shrubbery came the hum of bees and bird songs and the cries of peacocks” (Kelen 20). When Gautama was born, he was underneath the silken canopies of a satinwood tree, and was not like ordinary babies. Instead of crying he was, “the color of creamy gold; not squalling and snarling, but emitting sweetly modulated and charming sounds similar to the bird songs round about” (Kelen 21). This short passage gives readers the notion that Buddha was heavenly even from his first breath. Much like how new life is made during springtime, Buddha was born and brought new life to Nepal and eventually the rest of the world. Spring is known as a vivacious and colorful season of the year. Siddhartha Gautama, otherwise known as the Buddha, is thought of as a bubbly and conversant individual. Through years of deep meditation and higher level self-exploration, Buddha became “the enlightened one”. Gautama Buddha can be compared to spring in many ways, but most apparent is that both possess qualities of new life and new ideas as to how to live. For example, Buddha possessed the ability to, in a sense, travel to a place out of reach by humans and find out who he really was and why he was placed on the Earth. Springtime on the other hand, is a time when people clean out their homes, change their styles, and focus on themselves whether it

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