The Life and Mission of David Livingstone

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David Livingstone's life began on March 19th, 1813, in the town of Blantyre, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. He had six siblings. David could recite Psalm 119, at the age of 9. At the age of 10, David began to be employed at the cotton mill of H. Monteith and Co, where he worked 12 to 14 hour days, 6 days a week, as a piecer, with his older brother John. A piecer is a young child that crawls through the giant looms, to watch for broken threads. When the threads break, it is their job to quickly tie them back together. Around the time David began working, a law was passed requiring factories and mills to teach children that were 12 and under. However, the law sadly did not state when they had to hold classes, so more often than not the business owner would supply classes from 8 to 10 P.M, after the children had already worked their shifts. Many children did not take advantage of the free classes, but David did. He would force himself to stay awake and focus, just so that he could learn. Two years later, plants and herbs caught David's interest. He owned a botany book, which he studied with care, even though his father would not of allowed it because it was science. At this time in the world, people believed that science and Christianity could not go together because that would be questioning why God made things the way He made them. However, David studied science anyway. There came a time in his life that he had a choice to make. Science or Religion. He had to
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