The Life of Abraham Lincoln

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Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12th

, 1809. Lincoln was born in Hardin County,

Kentucky in a single-room log cabin. Abraham Lincoln was named after his grandfather. His

parents were Thomas and Nancy Hanks Lincoln. When Abraham Lincoln was young, they had

to move to Perry County, Indiana where times were tough and they struggled to get by. When

Lincoln was nine years old, his mother died at age 34 from a milk sickness caused by drinking

the milk of cows feeding on poisonous plants. Lincoln’s older sister, Sarah, took care of him

until his father remarried. Abraham Lincoln also had a younger brother named Thomas who was

born in 1812 and his older sister Sarah was born in 1807. Lincoln was mostly a self-educated

man. His childhood education was very limited, but he was very smart and taught himself how

to read. Abraham Lincoln loved reading and read whenever he had the chance. Most of

Lincoln’s knowledge came from reading so often. Abraham Lincoln’s parents didn’t know how

to read or write, but he figured it out (

When Lincoln was 21, they moved to New Salem, Illinois. There, he was a part-owner

of a general store. The store failed and he became responsible for the debts of his partner, as

well as his own debts. After the store failed, he became a surveyor. That career ended quickly

when all of his surveying equipment got sold at an auction. During that time, he
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