The Life of William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare, extensively known as one of the greatest writers in the history of the English language in addition to England’s National poet. He has been responsible for the construction of an impense amount of histories, comedies, tragedies and poems. A portion of plays written by William Shakespeare were constructed and designed to influence his audience in many different ways. Wither it be social, cultural or economical each play would stimulate the thoughts and emotions of the audience and often creating a debate. The causes and effects are responsible for the different points of view on Hamlet. Shakespeare may display multiple themes throughout each of his plays, which also led to a debate, themes including, love, hatred, power, incest, but above all is revenge. Revenge is a theme that has been unquestionably displayed in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet along with multiple other themes.

Claudius had secretly sent orders for the death of Hamlet upon his arrival to England. In Claudius’ speech to Queen Gertrude he pursues to convince her that Hamlet deserves such violent punishments due to his actions. Throughout his speech the audience is completely aware that this is a set up done by Claudius himself. This speech builds a feeling of distance and mistrust between the audience and Claudius as they are entirely aware was the reasons behind Hamlets banishment. By his wording in the speech it displays Claudius’ character as a liar. If to be sitting in an Elizabethan

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