The Link Between Earth And Heaven

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Kingship—Linking Heaven and Earth: Try to imagine these three distinct situations: The year is 1124 B.C.E and in China, the Zhou dynasty has recently prevailed over the largely successful Shang Empire. Just years earlier in approximately 3100 B.C.E, near the smooth flowing Nile, a conqueror by the name of Menes (Narmer) was in the process of establishing a centralized state which was to be ruled by the supreme pharaoh. Back in “the land between the two rivers”, Babylonian ruler King Hammurabi was enforcing his strict judgements and codes of law. Based on these three separate situations, it is easy to view and perceive the cultural differences between each ancient civilization. Despite cultural differences, miles of separation, and existence in difference centuries, all three of the civilizations discussed above share one distinct similarity that links them all together—The link between Earth and heaven. All three civilizations maintained an expectation for their kings to perform the same task: to serve as the main connector between the heavens and life on Earth. Beginning in Mesopotamian civilization, the link between mere mortals and the gods was the leader or King; in this case, specifically King Hammurabi. As a remarkable leader of the Babylonian empire, he strongly believed that the only way to maintain adequate and successful rule over his empire was to establish laws. His laws were very extensive and exhaustive, highlighting and pointing out societal issues at the
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