The Links from Gaming and Violence Essay

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Ever since the first “Violent” Video game came out People have tried to use them as a way to explain why a person commits a violent act or why one has happened, but do Video games really make people violent or are Video games just something easy to put the blame on?

There are many different types of video games out there, an example of a few genres are Action, where the player fights his/her way through the game. Adventure, open world and completely explorable. Mystery, find who the killer is by looking for clues around the map. Racing, play your friends in a fun challenge around the track. Party, get your friends together for some fun and competitive game play. and many more. If there is a form of entertainment there is a video …show more content…

They use intense violence, intense language, use of illegal drugs and nudity. ( If you take a look on the back of the game box to get all the details of what's in the video game and what its rated.

Many tests have been made and done to try to explain the effects video games have on the human brain along with other parts of the body it can affect. One of many tests performed was one on 20 teenage boys they had them take a test of how they would react to the situation. Examples of the questions would be “You are driving and you get an a car accident a male then steps out of the other car and comes up to yours and starts to yell and scream at you. What would you do?” or “You have been in line to see a movie that just came out. You have been standing there for an hour and a half. You are about 10 people from the door then a party of seven people push you back and cut in front of you this will set you back another 20 minutes to get in. What would you do?” The 20 teens would answer the questions and turn them in. After that they played violent video games for three days then took the same type of test then turn it again three days later do the same for a month. The end results said The longer the teens played the video games the more violent there answers became. Test 2 was with a group of 50 teens 10 girls and 40 boys split into 2 groups of 25, 5 girls and 20 boys each. One group played violent video games the other group played non-violent video

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