The Lion King Essay Outline

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Lion King Hero Essay Outline p1 Introduction Summary of The Lion King: In the Disney animation loved by families everywhere, The Lion King, Simba, the young lion born into royalty. His parents have high expectation and have strict boundaries. The Lion King follows Simba as he explores the plains of Africa and stirs up trouble with his uncle, Scar. Thesis: Simba proves himself a hero throughout the story by taking on an adventure that would soon lead him to becoming the King of the Pride Land. p2 Character starts out uncomfortable C Simba is born into royalty and disobeys his father. He is overly ambitious and is eager to become king of the pride land, prepared to do anything to claim his royal stature making his ambition his downfall. C Being a young prince and one day King, Simba is expected to act accordingly. As any young and curious lion would, he feels the pressure of his position as prince, and finds himself in some very tricky situations. Simba must realize that someday he will be the leader of the whole kingdom, and must mature into not only role model for animals everywhere, but also learn how to rule over an entire kingdom. Q “‘So, you’re father showed you the whole kingdom did he?’ ‘Everything.’ ‘Did he show you what’s beyond that rise on the modern border?’ ‘Well no… He said I can’t go there…’ ‘And he’s absolutely right, far too dangerous. Only the bravest lions go there.’ ‘Well I’m Brave!’” (Hahn, Don) C Simba’s ambition and eagerness for power lead
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