The Long Term Success Of An Organization

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To ensure the long term success of an organisation, strong clinical governance infrastructure needs to be put in place from the service’s inception. Clinical governance refers to the system by which a governing body, as well as the staff of an organisation share responsibility and accountability for patient care, managing risks and instituting a system which monitors and improves standards. Within healthcare organisations clinical governance aim to develop an environment and processes in which the quality of care delivered within a system is continuously improved(1) with a goal to maintaining and improving standards of clinical practice, while dealing with failures in standards of care and poor performance within the system. Many aspects fall under the umbrella of clinical governance, with the WHO defining quality into four aspects; professional performance (technical quality), resource use (efficiency), risk management (the risk of injury or illness associated with the service provided) and patient’s satisfaction with the service provided(2). This framework is appropriate in designing the clinical governance infrastructure required for the success of the new aeromedical retrieval service. This paper will look at the elements of clinical governance infrastructure that need to be developed prior to the new aeromedical service commencing operation, as well as reviewing the literature available for transport ventilators and analyse their suitability for this service.

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