The Lord of the Rings directed by Peter Jackson Essay

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The Art and the Business of My Inspirational Film A cultural product that inspires me is the film trilogy The Lord of the Rings, which was directed by Peter Jackson. This movie gave me inspiration because of how beautiful and well put together the film was. It made me want to be involved with the process of how great films are made. According to Wikipedia, “Jackson knew he wanted to bring the movie to the big screen, and was curious to why nobody decided to do so.” He wanted to take advantage of the new technology, and create a fantasy that was serious and felt real (Wikipedia, 2014). Peter Jackson demonstrates the art and business of the film in many ways, which is culturally inspiring. The trilogy is about a hobbit named Frodo Baggins …show more content…

Peter Jackson watched the animation of The Lord of the Rings, which lead him to read Tolkien’s novels. He was interested in making the Hobbit series first, but put the project on hold because he was offered to remake the film King Kong. So then he wanted to film King Kong before the trilogy, but had to put it on hold because of location problems, so he began with The Lord of the Rings project. Jackson wanted to make sure that everything would run smoothly for the film, so he got started with rereading the books and developing a script (Wikipedia, 2014). According to the web, Peter Jackson created the remake of Tolkien’s novel because he was a fan of the original work and wanted to bring it to life. He was inspired by his 12-hour train ride when he was younger, the whole train ride he read the novels as he stared at the New Zealand landscape ( Jackson shot the whole movie at multiple locations within New Zealand’s conservation and national parks area (Wikipedia, 2014). I am pretty sure that most of the movie was shoot in green screen because they were in the middle of nowhere. The movie has a lot alluring special effects that makes me feel like they’re actually watching something that is real. Critic Rob Blackwelder, in his review, “Hobbit-Forming,” tells about how director Peter Jackson, “has brought the monumental ambience, the distinctive characters and the

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