The Loss Of Innocence And Self Essay

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Does such a thing as “growing up,” really happen, does the idea of the loss of innocence and self -discovery exist outside literature??? I used to think Yes, then No. Now I think it’s a little bit of both. I think that the past events that happened to me these last 5 years are the reason why. Esta é a história da vida. Minha vida que meio acontece. A vida acontece. My name is Carla-Cristina and I am 18 years old and I had never seen a monkey nor the ocean til I was the was 12, even though I grew up for 5 years in Brazil. I am Brazilian by blood and also, and also I found out recently, by nature. Something I will admit only now to you and not to my parents. Not that it matters. I grew up in Uberaba, a small town in the Brazilian highlands, from the age 5 till 10 with no sisters, no brothers, though I have 2 siblings. No mother or no father though I have a mom and dad. My father worked for a gas company in a city called Houston and my mother stayed at home until I I was 4 and the Brazilian economy was crap and she decided to move to Texas as well to find work and allowed me to “stay” with my grandparents as if I was a random guest and not their granddaughter. Brazil. The word that people think of soccer, nature, pretty views conjures a dry farm, evil grandparents who would abuse me, and dead animals on the roads. My years there (I was born in the US) created a expendable past, disposable as a red solo cup. I suppose is a very great gift, in a way. On my “back” to the U.S. in

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