The Loss Of The Native American

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Shanita Mullen K. Dulaney AFAM. 1020.51 Cultural Diversity June 22, 2015 The Loss of the Native American Native Americans have always been mistreated, neglected, and behind in everything. Although they were considerably the first Americans they were striped from their own land making them migrate to other places besides home. Native Americans have also experienced neglect. Whether it was their beliefs or identity the Native Americans have always been treated unfair. Native Americans are behind in obtaining a higher education, healthcare, and most importantly employment. Native Americans have been struggling for many years to acquire their environmental rights: Native Americans have been misunderstood and ill-treated by their conquerors for several centuries. Assuming that he had reach the Indies, Christopher Columbus called the native residents “people of India.” The European immigrants who followed Columbus did not understand them any more than the Native Americans could have anticipated the destruction of their way of life. But the Europeans had superior weaponry, and the diseases they brought wiped out huge numbers of indigenous people throughout the Western hemisphere. (Schaefer 149) Christopher Columbus found the Native American people when he stumbled across new land that he believed was the Indies, so he called them the people of India. It is known today that Christopher Columbus Found America. But the vague truth is that he seized it from these people that were

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