The Madonna Of 115th Street : Faith And Community

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In the novel, The Madonna of 115th Street: Faith and Community in Italian Harlem , the author, Robert A. Orsi highlights the daily lives of the men and women who reside within the Italian Harlem. In particular, Orsi examines how the annual festa of the Madonna of 115th Street influenced and reflected the lives of the celebrants. This novel provides a new understanding of the religion practiced within the Italian Harlem and further examines the aspects of Harlem involving its experience with immigration and community formation. This novel raises numerous question, such as, what topics of the course does it illumine? Orsi’s novel and the film, The Godfather, Part Two , share numerous similarities that shed light on each other. These similarities highlight and demonstrate the lifestyle within the Italian Harlem. When placing the novel in the context of our course numerous topics are illuminated, such as, how these immigrants attempted to hold onto the values and traditions of their ancestors, how the immigrants faced discrimination and what certain immigrants had to do in order to make a living. The Italian Immigrants migrated to the United States eventually making their way to New York City and in particular the upper east side of Manhattan. This migration to a certain location demonstrates how the Italians felt more comfortable living with one another rather than assimilating into the American culture and living with other ethnic groups. Throughout the novel Orsi provides

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