The Magna Carta

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Nathanael Sterner Mr. Whitaker HIST 102 November 22, 2017 The Signing of the Magna Carta Those in our country that teach about the United States government will at one point bring up the signing of the Magna Carta as a pivotal point in the establishing the principle of the government is accountable to the laws of the common man. Before this point the king sat on high and dictated how people were to live there lives alongside the church while not being held accountable to the laws that he made. This lead to great resentment when a king was seen as tyrannical. So the Magna Carta or ‘the Great Charter’ was created to help curb the King John II of England when he wanted to continue the war with France, set boundaries on what the king could do without the consent of the ‘council’, and bind the ruler of the land to his subjects in such a way that he had to obey his own rules. In the time leading up to the signing of the ‘Great Charter’ King John had lost his holdings in France after several unsuccessful military endeavors. To help reclaim these holdings King John demanded that his barons provide him with more men and money to take the land back. However he did this without forewarning his barons about the increasing demand that he was placing on taxes and levies. The barons then thought that they were being wronged by the feudal system and that the king was not upholding his end of the deal. In addition to this when King John could not get his money he cracked down on

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