The Man Had Stopped Crying Hours Ago

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The man had stopped crying hours ago. He was nothing more than a shaky vegetable, when Lily opened the door to the next section of Hell, and kicked him though it. She closed the door against his screams, and went to work on her new mask.
Some time later, Lily felt her chair rock as the gray earth broke into a sandy beach. Coconut, banana and mango trees shot up and boxed in her workshop, which was now a small hut with a thatched roof. Dainty little flowers, and lush green plants also popped up, and framed a small walkway leading to the beach. The world building ended at the exact moment Lily painted the last freckle on the wooden mask. The new one would be here soon; the note had said he liked red heads. Lily lifted the mask to her face, …show more content…

“Lily,” she said softly, taking his hand in her own. She used that hand to pull him inside the hut. The inside of the hut was like the inside Mary Poppins’s bag; it was endless with endless things. The fridge was filled with everything from Caviar to pulled pork sandwiches, yet Luke said he wasn’t hungry. Lily had even offered herself, but Luke claimed he was tired, and locked himself in his bedroom.
Lily grew more frustrated as the week went on. Luke rarely left his bedroom, and he rarely ate, preferring to sleep all day instead. Lily knocked on Luke’s door, “Luke are you okay?” “I’m fine,” he called out from behind the door. “Are you sure I can’t come inside and help?” “Yes,” came the reply. Lily moved away, and walked down the hall. She raised her hand to the wall, and the door to her workshop materialized. Once inside she went to her desk, and took out Luke’s note. It didn’t say why Luke had been sentenced to hell, but that was normal. Lily always found out in the end, anyway. The note told Lily the basics. It told her about Luke’s preferences, ranging from sexual positions to television shows. Lily read it twice, and while Luke was scared of snakes, and heights, he wasn’t scared of intimacy or women. Frustrated, Lily felt the flesh on her lip rip, as her teeth sharpened. “Dammit,” she said, getting out a

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