The Man Of Wealth

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The Duty of the Man of Wealth: Two Perspectives on Men of Wealth

I. Introduction
A. Andrew Carnegie and Working People
B. Perspective on Wealth and Living
C. Gilded Age D. Thesis: The Gilded Age exchange between Andrew Carnegie and working people’s clarifies wealthy people condescending approach toward workers and their response.
II. Major Responsibilities of Wealthy People
A. Modest Living
B. Social and Cultural Role Models
C. Community Help
D. Wisdom and Experience
III. Workingman’s Response
A. Obedient towards Slavery
B. Sarcastic response to Carnegies Book
C. Free church but dilapidated family conditions
IV. “Betterment” Philosophy
A. Overview of philosophy
B. Workers Autonomy
C. Justification
V. Homestead Strike
A. Carnegie’s Antiunion Strategy
B. Low salary more work
C. Outcome of the strike
“The Duty of the Man of Wealth”: Two Perspectives on Men of Wealth

After fifteen years of the Civil War, Northern manufacturers and southern market gave birth to dramatic industrial development in the new era of The United state. During and immediately after the war, Republicans gained the opportunity to make laws and rules to enhance industrial growth, which eventually enabled wealthy industrialist to exploit the nation’s valuable resources. The Gilded age was the…
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