The Man Who Shot At Snapping Turtles Summary

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“The Man Who Shot At Snapping Turtles” begins on the estate of a man by the name of Asa Stryker. Stryker possessed a pond on his estate which he had taken special interest to because of the wild ducks that would congregate there. Stryker was amazed at the sight of the ducks and greatly enjoyed watching them from his porch. Unfortunately, his enjoyment was short lived as he quickly discovered another creature also had put down roots in his pond: the snapping turtle. The snapping turtles quickly became a menace to Stryker's enjoyment of his property as they would continually latch onto all the young wild ducklings, drown them under the pond, and eat them. Stryker resolved to rid his property of the snapping turtle by any means necessary to provide …show more content…

Stryker failed miserably, year after year his struggle to rid the pond of the snapping turtles was a disaster. Stryker shot ducklings instead of turtles, failed to remove all the snapping turtles dug in the mud underneath his pond, failed to consider his special caged in area still wouldn't hold the ducklings long enough for them to develop the size and strength necessary to avoid being preyed upon by the notorious snapping turtle, and ended up poisoning both the ducklings and the turtles, as well as killing much of the vegetation in his pond. Stryker became rather frustrated and one day sought the counsel of his neighbor, Clarence, an agent in the employee of an advertising agency. Clarence had suggested Stryker do the opposite of what he had intended and cultivate the population of snapping turtles so that he might enjoy them as food in a snapping turtle soup. Though initially resistant to the idea, Stryker took this advice and made a business of selling canned snapping turtle soup with the aid of Clarence's marketing

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