The Mayan Rulers

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The Mayans achieved many accomplishments. They had a very advanced system of writing hieroglyphics. They also, were advanced in carving and sculpting. They were good at making paper from fig trees They had an advanced calendar that had 18 months and each had 20 days.

The Mayans had a amazing government. The Mayan rulers were thought to have been god like. All of the Mayan rulers were from the same family. The most famous Mayan ruler was Janaab Pakal ,and he lived from 603 until 683. He became king at the age of 12. They could also have a woman ruler if the king was at war or ill. The Mayans had three groups in their society the elite, middle class, and the lower class.

The Mayan had an interesting religion. The Mayan believed that …show more content…

The Mayans lived in Central America on the yucatan peninsula. They separated cities by making states. They had 40 cities in their empire, and each state had a king. Today you can see temples and pyramids.

The Mayan had an interesting daily life. The first Mayan settlements were in 1800B.C.. The height of the civilization lasted from 250 until 900. The women of the Maya usually wore blouses and long skirts. Farmers wore loincloths and capes.They invented the early version of the game basketball. Once every month the Mayan held a religious festival in the city.

The Mayan had a very interesting History. The Mayan civilization was in Mesoamerica. The Mayan population in its height was around 2 million people. The post classic period took place from 915 until 1524. Also, most Mayan cities were abandoned in the post classic period. The battle of Utatlan marked the end of the Mayan civilization in 1524.

The Mayan had an interesting money system. They used green stone beads, copper bells, and cacao beans as money. Some Mayan jobs include weaving, trading, pottery, artisans, farming, and being a warrior.The women worked at home making food and taking care of the children. The most common job was being a farmer. Mayan farmers produced corn, beans, and squash. People paid taxes to build palaces and

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