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Domestic violence can be defined as any type of violence, which occurs between relatives, individuals, and intimate partners. In the past, domestic violence was thought to be limited to only individuals who were married or were to be considered the “American relationship” but as time went on, the meaning of domestic violence has changed. Today, it includes the traditional married couple of man and woman, but also includes non-married couples who are of the same sex or live with one another. No relationship is safe from the dangers of victimization and abuse nor is any ethnicity, race or religious practice exempt from the mistreatment of a spouse or sibling.
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Domestic violence awareness fully began in the 1970’s with a movement started by battered women would pressure policy makers to revise particular procedures and services to victims of spousal abuse. During this time, crisis hotlines and shelters were built for women who were victims of abuse all across the United States. Domestic violence patrons would experience a more law enforcement driven approach to the ongoing domestic violence issues.
Violence Against Women Act was established in 1994 to address the issue on a national basis. The sole means on the act were to assist victims by providing grants through Department of Justice and Health and Human Services. The grants were also used to assist law enforcement officers with the necessary training to help victims who were subjected to violence. VAWA was reauthorized in 2006 to expand existing grant programs and to address the needs of victims, younger victims, health and housing accommodations and the health care response to sexual assault, dating violence and stalking. (GAO, p. 1)
Understanding the Domestic Violence Cycle
Each victim of domestic violence will suffer some form of psychological or emotional battering. Due to the fact that a victims psyche is so damaged from the verbal abuse they are subjected to, it is common for victims to lose self-confidence within themselves and self-love. Through the use of threats and harmful slurs, emotional abuse can be caused. Emotional abuse can

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