The Meaning of the Second Amendment - The Right To Bear Arms Essay

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“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed”(understand) comes from the United States constitution. It has for the last decade or so been a topic of an ongoing debate between the people of this nation. It all depends on how you interpret the 27 words. Most people believe that it gives United States citizens the right to bear arms. The constitution is the supreme law of our land. It was made to be are foundation and source of legal authority. It was adopted in September 17, 1787 in the name of the people. It was created to replace The Articles of Confederation.The country wanted to be united and not so divided. The Constitution is a set …show more content…

It happens that the militia part of amendment is a preamble and the amendment is giving the right to the people. (Beck) A militia then was a group of able men who could choose to fight. The right was given to the people and those people could join the militia if they wanted to. People also want guns controlled because of the violence they seem to have associated with them. They think that in the old days they did not have gun crimes, but its human nature to commit crimes. In 1775 North Carolina, it was reported that a man killed three people and was shot by pedestrians before he could do any more harm. (Beck) This just shows that having a gun can help diffuse bad situations. People with guns can protect themselves from criminals who want to cause them harm. Many people believe that if you take away guns away from honest people, and only criminals will have guns. (Gun control S) Yet some think that the second amendment is outdated because we have police. Well if you imply that to this amendment then why is it not implied to other amendments? Some hope to destroy are country’s foundation be attacking the written foundation. But you may think it’s outdated because guns have come a long way. Yes, guns have become very sophisticated with multiple shots ready to fire in a row. Yet the right of guns to be protected reaches out to the new guns too. Just like the way speech is protected with the first amendment

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