The Measure Of Concealed Weapons Onto College Campuses

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The ability to carry concealed weapons onto college campuses has always been an area of contention. In 1990, Congress passed the Clery Act which created gun-free zones in primary and secondary schools. Around that same time many states passed laws prohibiting weapons on college campuses as well. (Lyons, 2017) In recent years there has been a stronger focus on college related shootings and deaths which has re-ignited the conversation regards concealed weapons on college campuses. The most prominent political value that is in conflict with itself is freedom. The 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution grants citizens the right to bear arms. Many gun rights activists believe that the right to carry weapons onto college campuses is …show more content…

For opponents of concealed carry on campuses, they argue that by having guns on college campuses, they are less free. Freedom is so ambiguous because it is completely subjective to every individual. What makes one individual feel free might make another individual terrified. Another political value that is in conflict with itself is security. People who are for concealed carry at universities claim that it would be for their security. Since 2002, 64 people have been killed in mass shootings on college campuses. (Lyons, 2016) One individual is quoted as saying that “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun.” (Lyons, 2017) This quote conveys the feelings of many concealed carry supporters who say that they do not feel safe being restricted as to where they can and cannot carry their personal weapon. Opponents of this idea claim that allowing guns on college campuses would conflict with their own personal safety. Many say that the more weapons we have on college campuses, the more likely an attack or accident is to happen. An idea that has been tossed around would be to allow only faculty and staff to carry concealed weapons. However, opponents still have some hesitations. Daniel Webster of Johns Hopkins University stated that if faculty and staff “were permitted to bring guns onto college campuses, there should be … strict rules and protocols for securing the

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