The Media 's Influence On Public Perception Essay

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These beliefs stem from the media and how Hollywood portrays fictional characters with mental illnesses. At which point there seems to be a common misunderstanding towards individuals suffering from a mental illness. When it comes to people suffering with mental health, doctors, schools, and everything in between seem to have either a positive or negative outlook on the subject. The stereotypes and misinformation of mental illnesses can lead to a delay in seeking medical help.
The media’s influence on public perception and the degree to which people are exposed to media representations makes the mass media one of the most popular influence around the world. Mass media is a very practical source of information. However, when it comes to mental illness, the media tends to be unrealistic.
Whether it’s positive or negative, the media molds our ideas and ways in which we understand other people. The implications of the often unfair and inaccurate portrayals of mental health issues are consequential. Faulty information in the media about mental illness results in misunderstandings that can have very real and sizeable consequences. For example, inaccurate depictions of schizophrenia can lead to false beliefs and confusion. Dr. Oz defines schizophrenia as “an illness of thinking and emotion where the brain struggles to properly organize information from the outside world and interpretations from within.” The media often confuses schizophrenia with multiple personality disorder

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