The Median Of Blood Alcohol Levels Of The High Risk Drivers

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Purpose of investigation:
I wonder if there is a difference between the median of blood alcohol levels of the high risk drivers’ age group (15-24 years old) and the low risk drivers’ age group (50-59 years) out of the crashes involving alcohol or drugs in New Zealand in the year 2011? This data is from results of a range of males and females throughout different cities in New Zealand who were involved in a car crash due to alcohol or drugs in 2011.

The results of this data is from the Ministry of Transport, who has done a study of drivers from the age groups that have the higher risk of crashing and the lower risk of crashing. It was noted in 2011, that there were 1409 crashes, due to alcohol or drugs. From the 1409 crashes, a random sample of these drivers was taken, where they were interviewed by researchers.

We are all aware that if you consume too much alcohol, you should not be driving. Excessive alcohol causes a higher risk of crashing because it slows down your brain activity. It causes hazy thinking, slower reaction times and impaired vision, which means you are less aware of the environment around you, causing danger to yourself and others around you. The same goes for drugs. Driving requires absolutely all your concentration, and that’s why you need to be sober when you are driving.
The legal limit of blood alcohol level is 80mg per 100ml. The Ministry of Land Transport has stated that if your blood alcohol levels are 100mg per 100ml, then your…
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