Stereotypes Of Teenagers

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The ages thirteen through nineteen have been influenced by many things through the media. TV programs, movies, advertising, magazines, and the web. These medias are more used by teenagers than any other group. Teenagers are very difficult to figure out what they watch, or read, or listen. It’s different, but all together it’s mostly the same. The TV programs have a lot of stereotypes towards teenagers. Girls think they can’t do things that guys do. There are programs out there that show those types of stereotypes and these stereotypes get into their head which makes them realize there’s no way for them to do it. The contradicted stereotypes are that there are some girls out there in this world that CAN do what any guy can do. …show more content…

In school, there are clubs and after school activities. The people running those advertise by giving out fliers or just straight up talking to you about their club or the activities. They can also ask a specific person, like for example, they can go to a different race and talk about a certain subject that’s referring to that race. Anyone can be advertised in any way or anything. It doesn’t matter if you’re a girl or a guy or a different race. You’ll be advertised anyways. Sometimes when it’s a specific type of advertisement that’s referring to someone specific, it can make you think “oh it’s not for me so I should just ignore it.” And it’ll make you feel like that advertisement wasn’t for you, but for someone else. There are so many different kinds of magazines. There are fashion magazines, fitness magazines, cooking magazines, and all other kinds. The ones that teens usually look at are fashion, fitness, and sport magazines. For girls the fashion magazine is the one they would most likely look at. They want to follow the trends and what’s in and what’s out of fashion and some want to fit in with a crew that dresses differently. Same thing with the guys. Whatever’s out of fashion for them, they don’t wear anymore, but for girls whatever was out can come back to trend. For the guys that usually doesn’t happen. People may think of you differently because of what you’re wearing, but they really don’t know who you really are.

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