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“I thought martial arts was my forte, but then I realized I wasn't the only person that could do this when I got into show-business. Compared to others, I wasn't really that good. So, I became a children's TV program host.” This came from the mouth of one of the famous comedy film directors named Stephen Chow.
One of the films I like is “The Mermaid” which is a romantic comedy film directed by Stephen Chow. It was released in the year 2016 and it also broke a few box office records such as the biggest opening day and biggest single day gross in China. The main characters of this film are played by actor Deng Chao as businessman Liu Xuan and actress Lin Yun as the mermaid. Apart from them, other actors and actresses appeared in this film such …show more content…

Like in all Stephen Chow’s movies, “The Mermaid” also portraits an important theme. In this film, it has an environmental protection theme as it teaches a life lesson about money and materialism and important values about the ecosystem. There are a few scenes which show real footage of the destruction of natural resources, water pollution and bloody scenes of animal slaughter. These scenes might be a bit disturbing for some of the audiences but it clearly shows the important meaning of this movie theme and shows what is happening in the realistic …show more content…

However, he did make an excellent choice when selecting actors and actresses in his films. In “The Mermaid”, Deng Chao played the male lead role of Liu Xuan, in which he did a good job of it. Deng Chao uses his comedic talents and great acting skills to give audiences a good laugh in the movie. He also has high popularity in China so it would be a good choice of having popular actors being the lead role to attract interest in audiences. As for the female lead role, Stephen Chow chose Lin Yun to be the mermaid as her personality of genuineness is suitable for the role of Shan the

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