The Methods Of Medieval Torture During The Medieval Period

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Torture of the Medieval Period During the Medieval Period, torture was a big part of their society. If there was ever someone proven guilty, they would get a variety of injuries or possibly, and most likely death. The general signficance of the torture weapons are to extract information from the prisoners and use it as punishment for any of their wrongdoings. They use the weapons to cause injuries, death, and pain to anyone who broke the law as a lesson to better their actions. Introducing the origin of ‘torture’, the word comes from the French, which is also originated to the word ‘twist’, and that is what they perform on the body. Many of the Christian tortures were done from the twisting of the body limbs or mechanisms of turning and screwing (“Medieval Torture”). William the Conqueror and the Norman French that came to England used torture to get the Anglo-Saxon’s treasure in their kingdom. They also used torture to extract gold and silver from peasants. They would hang them by their limbs or put them in a narrow chest containing sharp stones. The different crimes also depended on the gender, race, and social status (Dvorsky). In today’s judicial system, the innocence or guilt of someone accused of a crime may be based on the evidence brought against them. In medieval societies, a different way to determind someone’s guilt or innocence was used and that was called ‘trial by ordeal’ (Violence & Law in the Medieval England”). This trial involved having the person who
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