The Minimum Wage Approved By Law Rates Essay

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Labor. This word is such a small word, however it has a huge meaning. Labor is taken advantage in every country, whether it is a professional occupation, like doctors or manual labor, like chopping wood. China is well known for its low cost labor and this is also the reason most of our clothing and furniture come from China, but this comes with a cost. Most government organizations have more power than the individual in controlling the labor laws, wages, work-related injury compensation, and overtime. .
Throughout the past decade, China has been an engaging end for worldwide enterprises because of its low pay rates, however China is still unable to carry out the guidelines for international labor laws. Regardless of the insufficiencies of Chinese law, the legislature now permits strikes. (AFL-CIO 2016) The minimum wage approved by law rates might consider the particular exchanges of a each state, and diverse the lowest pay permitted by law rates might be settled for regions with different financial progress levels and for various exchanges. (Lehman, Lee & Xu November 24, 1993) Therefore, Chinese wages are rising. This is something worth being thankful in both Chinese working families and for laborers in different nations that compete with China in the clothing industry. (AFL-CIO 2016) This shows that even though China is not yet following labor laws for the wages dispersed to their workers, they are continuously improving. Clothing manufacturing consists of more than just

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