The Missing Bite From The Apple

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The Missing Bite from the Apple Richard Cory, the man of the century and a multibillionaire is what most people saw him as, not as a regular human being but, a wealthy business man. He inspired many from children to adults in New York to work and reach for the stars like he did. After he shot himself in his room no one could truly put their mind to why he would do such a thing because he had all that a man could have from luxurious cars to a $4 million dollar mansion built from lime stone found in the Indian Ocean. He was the American dream because not only was he born poor, but stayed homeless for years before getting to the place he earned to get. His down to Earth personality is what set him aside from all the other wealth people living up town. As he would walk the streets of downtown, he would respond to all that greeted him. However, his story to success did not die with him, but instead left aside to inspire millions… Growing up if I knew I was going to be a billionaire, I would have stayed inside my mother’s uterus because with success, happiness is lost in the process. I understand many would want to be like me, but they do not understand that there is beauty in the struggle, ugliness in the success because what is success if you have no one in your life to share it with. Once you have as much money as I made you will discover one thing; life becomes boring in a heartbeat because if you want something you can simply just go and purchase it. The excitement we have

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