The Misunderstanding About Native Americans And Americans

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The Misunderstanding About Native Americans and Americans Within the nineteenth century, many Americans saw Native Americans as heathens that occupied land. These people saw the land as theirs because of how they fought to become independent. They also claimed that the Native Americans did not claim land or have a concept of property. Others understood that it was wrong to take the land forcefully. These people understood the land was not rightfully theirs for the taking. It is also perceived that all Americans disliked Native Americans. When in fact there were people who sympathized the natives. They wanted to live in peace and not war. Although, they still believed Indians were below them and had ideas of reserves. Looking at history, …show more content…

That the United States should not come barging in. Another suggestion was reserves. People on both sides, whether they supported or opposed Native Americans, tended to support this. They did not know this would be bad. In July 1847, Henry Nagle wrote a letter and he said, “I would respectively call your attention to the necessity of publishing some decree forbidding all persons from trespassing upon the indians”. It does not say anything about a reserve or even hint at one, but it shows how Americans would cause problems with Indians. Because of these issues, some felt it necessary to move Native Americans to this land that had been set aside and out of their way. Reserves, in a way, were the easiest and simplest way to deal with them. Another letter comes from, Edward A. Stevenson, an Indian Agent in 1855 who said, “Their situation as it is is truly a pitiful one, and calls aloud for action on the part of the Government. They are desirous to know when the policy of the U.S. will be extended to them, and I think there will be no trouble in removing them to reserves”. The situation he is referring to is one of Native Americans living horribly and hopes to help them. It seems the some report is true on the behalf of him specifying an actual location. Again, while Stevenson is not trying to move them out of the way, he is trying to help them. Stevenston believes this is the best way since they cannot help themselves. It is ironic since Indians live off the land, and

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