The Model Of House Prices Essay

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Introduction House prices in USA are grouped into high prices and the low prices. The prices of house in USA are determined by the quality characteristics of the houses in terms of the variables; bedroom sizes, bathrooms, and the age of the house (Campbell, G, Stonehouse, G & Houston, B 2013). The prices of the home in USA are also evaluated in term of the bedroom in the house, the bathrooms availability, and the age of the house (Hollenstein, H., 2004). The high prices houses are said to be determined by the number of bedrooms, the age of the house, and the number of the bathrooms and their quality. The closeness to the cosmopolitan cities and the shabby (Kutner, M., Nachtsheim, C., Neter, J., & Li, 2005). The regression model is given as; Objectives of Research The housing industry in USA is on rapid growth to capture the new and the raising opportunities (Harvey Brenner, H. 2011). Therefore, this paper focuses on the most common factors that influence the selling prices of the houses in USA. Again, the above-listed research questions have led to the following research objectives: 1) To examine the factors that lead to high-selling prices of the houses in USA 2) To examine the relationship between prices of the houses in USA and the factors like the bedrooms present, the bathrooms present, the age of the houses etc. Methodology In this study, we will use the data obtained from the Baton Rouge on the house prices in USA. The variable will be the prices of the
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