The Monkey's Paw Poem Analysis

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What would you do if you had the opportunity to make 3 wishes? Would you do it? The story "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W Jacobs starts with Mr.White's good friend, Sergeant Major Morris coming into their house one day and introduces the Monkey's Paw to them that he got from India that he did not want anymore and also tried to sell. The Monkey's Paw could grant 3 wishes but some say it brings good luck with grave consequences. This is what happened to the White family. The Monkey's Paw brought great calamity to the whole family. In the end, I think that the father Mr.White is the most responsible for the family's sorrow. Even though he knew there were heavy consequences if he made a wish. For example, the sergeant says on page 683, "The first…show more content…
The text points out on page 683 "He suddenly threw it upon the fire. White with a slight cry, stooped down and snatched it off. This suggests that the Monkey's Paw is valuable to Mr.White by saving it from getting it burned in the fire. He was even the one who wanted it in the first place according to the text it says in page 683 "Better let it burn, said the soldier solemnly, If you don't want it, Morris, give it to me". This suggests that Mr.White was the one who wanted it and asked to have it. Even the Sergeant said it was dangerous to have it. For instance, on page 683 he says "If you keep it, don't blame me for what happens". One can assume that the soldier was trying to warn him that keeping the Monkey's Paw was a bad idea. In conclusion, Mr, White was the one who wanted it even knowing the consequences and…show more content…
Mrs.White was the one who convinced Mr.White to make another wish to bring their son back. For instance, on page 684 Mrs.White says, "Wish! She cried in a strong voice". One can assume that she was demanding Mr.White to make a wish. Another example is she insisted to make another wish. On page 684 it says, "We had the first wish granted, why not the second". This means she really wants to make another wish. Additionally, according to the text, it points out on page 684 she says, "The paw! She cried wildly. The monkey's paw!" This is important because this evidence proves she was the one who brought it up to make another wish. As a result, the wife could also be accountable for the sorrow in the
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