The Moral Judgment On Human Behavior

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Everyday we come across situations where we have to make decisions. When we are in engaged in the decision-making process, we often rely on our morals. One’s moral judgment on something is a reflection of what they believe is right versus wrong, good versus bad, and just versus unjust in regards to human behavior. Their morals are essentially shaped by their upbringing and their personal experiences. For example, social norms that society labels as acceptable, cultural practices that one is engaged in, along with religious beliefs are all things that can shape ones morals and help create ones ethical judgment. It is a personal and custom map that each person follows in order to distinguish, consciously after evaluating a situation or …show more content…

However, this moral principle challenges the MCM because it does not level the playing field in regards to comparison amongst various cultures or political situations.

Ethical Subjectivism “is the idea that our moral opinions are based on our feelings and nothing more. There is no such thing as "objective" right or wrong. “ (Rachels 33). The general population believes that the racial-hating actions of the Ku Klux Klan are irrational and immoral. However, since it is solely based on feelings and not objectivism, the Ku Klux Klan feels that their actions are completely moral. The key flaw here with this moral principle “is that it does not account for moral truths and falsehood” and “it cannot account for the place of reason in ethics” (Buscani). By not supporting reasoning and impartiality, Ethical Subjectivism challenges the MCM.

Divine Command Theory revolves around the nature of right and wrong. “In Judaism, Christianity and Islam, God is conceived as the lawgiver and we choose to accept or reject his commandments”, so “if we are to live as we should, we should follow God’s laws” (50). This theory ties morality to religion. However, there are complications with this principal. Atheists would not accept this because they do not believe in a God, so other things shape their morals. Additionally, you cannot pick and choose what rules you want to follow. This principle only works if all of the rules are followed. It is evident that difficulties exist for

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