The Most Important Resource Ever Essay

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I am the most important resource ever. I cannot be created, destroyed, replicated, stored, distributed or reproduced. I come and go yet, I am constant. My existence, at least to the that you all can conceptualize me, began spontaneously with the inception of being in the Big Bang. Since then, I have seen the evolution and destruction of civilizations across the infinite cosmos, but I’ve always been partial to those of Earth. The manner in which humans manage to build these civilizations that build off of one another is simply beautiful. These empires may be small and brief but, bring its successors lessons and innovations that allow them to be that much greater. What is even more fascinating about these empires is that their advancement or demise is dependent upon moments and the decisions of men and women of ambition. Also, the manner in which they record history is unlike any other beings in all of the cosmos. The victor gets to dictate the narrative, often inhibiting those who are relayed the story of past endeavors from hearing the true extent of their predecessors’ actions. It is truly genius. For these reasons, my favorite empire is the Roman Empire of the Mediterranean. The story of the Empire’s establishment is a favorite of mine. The battle of Actium that lead to Caesar Augustus’(Octavian at the time) absolute rule over the Roman Empire is one that has stood my test. The Roman Empire truly began in Earth’s 4542998015th revolution of its Sun, or as humans call it

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