The Most Important Results Of The Reformation

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Bryan Cuevas
Professor Acevedo
8 October 2015
The Most Important Results of the Reformation Era There are several results of the Reformation Era that are important. The Reformation Era made a big impact in recent studies of history. One of the most important results of the Reformation Era is the Martin Luther 95 theses. Another really important results that impacted the Reformation Era is religion. Religion is really significant back then because of how powerful God or God’s were. These two reasons are what made the most significant impact in the history of the Reformation Era. Martin Luther 95 theses was one of the most important results of the Reformation Era. Martin Luther came up with 95 theses that secured the church door in Wittenburg. He speaks about the Lord and Jesus word of repent where he longed his entire life to believers to be one of the remorse. The word repent cannot be understood as mentioning to the sacrament of self-punishment which would be satisfaction and confessing as controlled by the clergy. Inner repentance is insignificant except it produces numerous noticeable embarrassment of the skin. The penalty of sin still remains as long as the hatred of oneself until granted the entrance to the kingdom of heavens. The pope neither requires or capable to send any consequences excluding those who imposed by his own power or that of the standards. According to Martin Luther “God remits guilt to no one unless at the same time he humbles him in all

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