The Most Memorable Place Of The World

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The United States Navy often takes me to various and unique locations of the world. I’ve sailed throughout the Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and Pacific Ocean. I’ve stepped foot in Rome, the Middle East, various tropical islands, and my favorite region – Southeast Asia. To be more specific, one of the most memorable places I’ve visited was when my third ship hit port in Thailand. During one such occasion, I was wandering the streets of Pattaya late at night with my friends. We noticed there was a crowd congregating around a rickety boxing ring in the middle of a bar. Around the ring, there were bets being placed. In the old wooden seats, there were men drinking beer and women drinking martinis. Scanty …show more content…

This was not a move of cowardice, as I could tell neither of the fighters was intimidated by the other. They had trained for most of their young lives and they were not afraid of anything or anyone. To them this was just another fight. After they were done figuring each other out, the fight quickly picked up the pace. The fighters came forward and threw punches and kicks to each other’s head and body. Both kids were putting on a good show and I could tell they were fighting for real. Even though they were giving it their all, I could sense they loved fighting and there was no place they would rather be. In each of the corners of the ring, the boys’ team of trainers and family members was screaming instructions and words of encouragement. The crowd had also begun to cheer and chant, excited by the back-and-forth volley of fists and feet. Even the people across the street started to gain interest and watched from the sidewalk. The Muay Thai match continued like this, each kid getting their hits in and even getting knocked down onto the floor. Each round lasted approximately two minutes, with five rounds total. During the breaks in between rounds, the fighters sipped their water and received coaching from their team. In my eyes every round seemed to be the same, although that could be the alcohol in my system at the time that made everything blurry. At the end of the final round, the referee gathered all the scores and brought the two boys

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