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The Motives for Which They Fought
The reasons given for why Civil War soldiers fought are abundant, but among the vast array of motives, only a few could be taken into careful consideration. Some argue that the main interest for both the North and South was political in nature, reasoning that if the government fell, so would the future and characteristics of both nations. Consequently, some of the various diaries and personal accounts affirm that soldiers felt an overwhelming sense of duty, which extended first to their closest relatives and friends, this being the principal driving force motivating them to enlist. However, what surely remains is thousands on both sides gave up their lives for what they considered a necessary cause. …show more content…

People in a close community could question, or look down on a man who would cower down and not protect his family from harm. Many of these soldiers could have thought the same, reasoning that; protecting their family meant to fight for their country.
McPherson stresses the evidence that the soldiers in the North, assumed that “Republican Liberty” was worth dying for, even towards the last days of the war. Northerners view of liberty was to defend the republican freedoms that some in the Union acknowledged as a preceding lineage of generational heritage. Thus, the importance of family history was due to the closeness of the period between the American Revolution, and 1861. What many of their grandparents fought for generated a sense that they were indeed part of something great, which was sure to endure.
The South’s investment in slavery inclined many Southerners to have a point of view distinctively different with those in the Union. The authors illustrate how both sides perceived a deep gratitude owed to the Founding Fathers and the legacy of the Revolution. However, the Founding Fathers concept of independence was somewhat differing from those in new Confederate nation. McPherson brings up the point of how these men of the American Revolution were not entirely satisfied with holding slaves, while fighting a war of independence. The author stated that, Confederates claimed “to fight for liberty and independence from a tyrannical government,” while,

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