The Motto Of The Stanford Jail Experiment Devised By Psychologist Philip Zimbardo

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The motto of the Stanford jail experiment devised by psychologist Philip Zimbardo might be this: Do you consider yourself a good person? If you think that you are a human being like many other people, you probably also think that you do not characterize yourself by being non-compliant twenty-four hours a day. With our virtues and our shortcomings, most of us seem to retain some ethical balance by coming into contact with the rest of humanity. Partly thanks to this compliance with the rules of coexistence, we have managed to create relatively stable environments in which we can all coexist relatively well. However, today we know that the context has an important role in morally orienting our behavior towards others: to prove it, we have only to break the shell of "normality" in which we have built our customs and customs. One of the clearest examples of this principle is found in this famous research, led by Philip Zimbardo in 1971 in the basement of his faculty. What happened there is known as the Psych wardexperiment, a controversial study whose fame is partly based on the nefarious results it had for all its participants and which will form the base of my experiment. Hypothesis Human behavior and attitude varies according to the environment in which it dwells. Method: In this experiment I designed a situation of a psych ward, to see how people who had no relationship with the psyche environment were adapting to a situation of vulnerability to others. To this end, 24

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